Obstacle In Odysseus

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Kirke Kirke, the goddess that inhabits Aiaia, posed yet another obstacle in Odysseus’ journey back home to Ithaka. After landing on Aiaia, Odysseus sent a group of his men to explore the isle. The men soon came across a house surrounded by docile animals, they came across the goddess, Kirke, who lured all but Eurýmakhos into her house and turns the men into pigs. When Odysseus learned of how his men were tricked, he set off alone in order to save them from the goddess’ spell. With the help of Hermes, who supplied him with the molu in order to protect him from Kirke’s spell, he was able to catch the goddess off guard, and was able to make her turn his men back into human form after taking the goddess to bed and making her swear to do no more…show more content…
At the end of their year-long stay on Aiaia when Odysseus and his men were preparing to leave, Kirke told Odysseus how he must go to the Land of the Dead and talk to the dead prophet, Teiresias, in order to learn how to get home safely. He and his men departed from Aiaia and sail to the Underworld, which is forever enshrouded in night. Once there, Odysseus followed Kirke’s instructions in order to talk to Teiresias. He first dug a pit into which he poured milk, honey, wine, and water, and scattered barley around its edges. He then prayed to the dead and promised to sacrifice a cow to the shades and a black ram to Teiresias when he and his men return home to Ithaka, and slashed a black ewe’s and black ram’s throats and pours their blood into the pit. When the shades appeared, Odysseus held them off with his sword until he saw the shade of Teiresias, and allowed him to drink from the pit so that he could talk to him. Teiresias then told him how he and his men were to get safely home to Ithaka: first, they must sail through a narrow strait until he reaches Thrinakia, Helios’ isle. He must restrain him and his men from eating Helio’s kine, for the god will destroy the men and their ship. Second, when Odysseus returns home, he must make the suitors who have been courting Penelope atone in blood. Lastly, in order to make his peace with the gods for his deeds after the Trojan
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