Obstacles In English Language Learning

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Hitches in English Language Learning
As English teachers we were not satisfied when we return after the class to our seats. There appears a lacuna in the teaching-learning process. English is seen and is taught as a subject and not as a language. The paper aims to throw light on the factors of impediments in English language learning among the engineering students and to find possible solutions to overcome the hindrances. The three factors that determine the success of language learning process are: Classroom, Students and Teachers. The availability of resources in the classroom, the attitude of the learners and the methodology used by the teachers are considered the reasons or obstacles in the language learning process. Adequate facilities
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Students feel more comfortable, empowered and in control when they get to choose their own seats, then if the need arises only those students who need to be separated should be moved. There is a logic in this but wouldn’t argue with teachers who want to have assigned seats in their classroom. Also, the chairs should be movable which facilitates in doing group activities. Again, try not to sweat the small stuff. If it’s a tapping pencil or note passing, proximity control or the “teacher glare” really should be enough. Follow up with the student about the problematic behavior later if need be but there’s no need to punish a student for something minor. Obviously if a student’s behavior is disrupting the learning of others, that’s a different story. If you can handle it in a funny or calm manner, that’s more beneficial than making mountains out of molehills with most students. When a student is presenting problematic behavior, try to get the cause of the behavior and then try and deal with that. Treat the disease, not the…show more content…
Teachers play a critical role in supporting language development. Beyond teaching children to read and write in school, they need to help children learn and use aspects of language associated with the academic discourse of the various school subjects. They need to help them become more aware of how language functions in various modes of communication across the curriculum. They need to understand how language works well enough to select materials that will help expand their students ' linguistic horizons and to plan instructional activities that give students opportunities to use the new forms and modes of expression to which they are being exposed. Teachers need to understand how to design the classroom language environment so as to optimize language and literacy learning and to avoid linguistic obstacles to content area

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