Obstacles In Life

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As naive children, we used to believe life was easy and effortless. But it’s really not that simple. As we grow up, we continue to face countless hurdles, getting bigger and bigger. My life, in particular, has been filled with numerous up and downs. An endless cycle of a roller coaster. Some say that life is filled with obstacles and experiences that will help us pave the path to our own successes. But is that really accurate? There are some points in life when I’ve felt that I would never conquer a problem. From trying to learn to walk, to making big decisions that would affect the outcome of life. There are always obstacles that block our path. What job am I to choose? What university? These thoughts will soon turn into a bitter reality. A reality that we will have to face. I would do anything to go back in time when I thought learning division was complicated. Sadly, this is the harsh reality, but even in this reality, we see even ourselves getting through a barrier. Life isn’t a game where you only have one try. Life is a series of failures and lessons. Sometimes, even failures are better than…show more content…
Life was never meant to be easy, it was meant to be enjoyed. Everyone in their life has their ups and downs, and plateaus, just like a roller coaster. And we can’t stop that roller coaster, it’s the cycle of life. In the cycle of life, we are taught that even our failures are better than our victories. Life doesn’t punish us for our failures, but it rewards us for our own successes. Obstacles shouldn’t be viewed as a burden. It should be viewed as a blessing, a stepping stone to our success in the future. Behind everyone’s faces, lies a story. A story of them overcoming their own difficulties. We all have a story of our own. Life will continue to trip us with hurdles. But we all have a choice. A choice to grow and learn from our stumbles, or a choice to stay
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