Obstacles In Lupe's Life

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Lupe faced a lot of obstacles throughout her childhood and as an adult. One would definitely be taking care of her grandfather as a young child. As a child she was a drop out. The schools told her she was retarded and just could not learn. When she got older she was a full time mom to 3 children. Everyday she cooked, cleaned, and simply took care of everyone in the household. She overcame these obstacles by returning to school and doing everything she could to learn English. Not only did she learn English, she conquered it by continuing to receive her doctoral degree in education. I relate to Lupe because I am also older than the fresh out of high school college students. I may not be as old as Lupe was but I am returning to school after graduating from high school almost 5 years ago. Lupe took care of 3 children. I wake up at 6 A.M daily and send 3 of my step children to school and get my son ready for care while I attend school. It is a struggle to balance 4 children, cook, clean, and take care of everything at home. When they get home from school everyday we sit at the table and do their homework, then I get to mine.…show more content…
She did not stop until she could not go any further in school and I admire that to the fullest. She has also worked for so many amazing places like the White House. Not only that she was named one of the 100 most Influential Women of the Past Century. In conclusion, the most important thing I learned from Lupe was to never stop reaching for my goals. Also not to let peoples words define my future nor my children's

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