Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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Obstacles come in all different shapes and sizes for everyone. Anyone, whether a celebrity or just a normal kid walking to school has faced or is facing an obstacle in their life. However, overcoming the obstacle and looking back at the experiences. That’s what makes success so sweet. Some can have a dramatic impact in your life such as a relative passing away or moving to a different country. But others are small like forgetting to bring an extra change of clothes to gym class or failing a drivers test. When someone's life is filled with these small obstacles, it's quite easy to forget about it and move on, but when life brings bigger obstacles that's not always the case.
Throughout my short life, I have dealt with more than the average
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Adapting to a new culture is similar to adjusting to a new government. It requires both learning and adapting to the new rules and norms of society. Dealing with these kinds of changes greatly impacted my life, with all the experiences I faced, comes with new lessons, a new understanding of life, and new perspectives. Individuals such as my mother and myself had to start from scratch and learn the language as well as the culture. Moreover, moving to a new country requires a certain degree of open-mindedness. However, creating a relationship with others, trusting family, and a positive attitude gradually helped us adapt to the new countries. My first experiences in these countries were wonderful until school came along. I had to adjust myself and try to fit in with everyone else. But that didn’t work out too well until I met this one friend in Korea. He was a friend, willing to give me advice on my mistakes. He was patient enough to teach me a language, I never got taught before. In addition, the best thing about this particular friend was that he created a safe environment for me to learn so I wouldn't be as embarrassed or uncomfortable when I made a mistake or had a question. That day, I realized creating a bond with friends will make the atmosphere bright so that I can gain confidence and am able to adjust without feeling pressure from other classmates,…show more content…
But I was wrong. Before moving to Toronto, I spent 4 years in Vancouver, and a personal life-changing event has occurred that I will never forget about. Which was the divorce between my parents. I have always thought being married met two people beginning a life together and sharing an unbreakable union. But as I grew older I realized in today's society divorces are as common as getting married. At that moment I was old enough to recognize they are no longer together and the emotional impact of losing a dad affected me greatly as I had to cry myself to sleep for many nights. As a child, I feel like I got strongly affected by losing a father and have gone through some kind of emotional change. I also believe this was a major change in my life and my mother’s as well. The effects of divorce on me, personally, was my emotional happiness, wondering if I caused it, and lastly my time spent with other family members. Throughout my life until that day, I have never felt such emotional pain. It felt like being stuck in the depths of water, searching for oxygen. I knew from that day, I would have to grow and overcome this mentally to become a stronger person, to support my mom and myself. As a child, I lived with the feeling of guilt, because I would think that the fights and arguments that took place were caused by me. I felt heartbroken as I had no power to stop it or control it. Which then led to fewer
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