Obstacles In Roland Smith's Peak

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Michael Phelps, a professional swimmer, once said, “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits,” (¨AZ Quotes¨). This quotes shows that throughout one’s journey they will eventually have to go against many obstacles, and have to find a a way to get through them. That’s what the characters have to do in these books. In the book, Peak by Roland Smith, Peak, the main character, wants to be the youngest person to ever reach the summit pole of Mount Everest. Throughout his climb he faces many obstacles, so he decides to take them so he can get past them to make it up the Mountain. In the book, Michael Vey: The Prisoner Of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans, Michael, the main character, was born with tourette's syndrome. …show more content…

He wants to get his mom back who was kidnapped and taken to an academy in Pasadena, California. In doing so he sees that she isn’t there and that other kids who have powers are being held hostage there. He escapes with the others, so they can create a plan to get Michael’s mother back. The theme of both Peak and Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 is perseverance. In the book, Peak, the theme is perseverance, one needs to have the ability to get through the obstacles they face, and keep on going forward towards their goal in order to succeed and reach their goal. In the book, Michael Vey: The Prisoner Of Cell 25, the theme is perseverance, one needs to be able to work their way through certain times when they are struggling, so they can push through and succeed. Though they show it in different

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