Obstacles In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Life is a difficult event to deal with. Obstacle stand in the way of all. Misfortune is unavoidable. Even the highest and most mighty fall to life’s misery. This even include the monarchs that rule over others. The monarch that has a grand obstacle before would be Hamlet. Let’s take a look into Hamlet’s challenges in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet act 1 and 2 soliloquy and it’s connection with modern time. In the first soliloquy that challenges Hamlet is that he want to join his father. For the people who have read Hamlet, they are aware that Hamlet’s father is dead. Not only is he dead, he was murdered by his brother, who turned around and married Hamlet’s mother. If that isn’t an obstacle to deal, then let’s add the fact that Hamlet is suicidal.…show more content…
In act 2 Hamlet is told by his father’s ghost about the murder. Hamlet sets forth on war path against Claudius to avenge his father. By the time the soliloquy comes about, Hamlet believes he is being lazy for nothing has happened yet. So, in the soliloquy, he starts beating himself up about it. If only he realize that he had truly made everyone believe he was crazy, allowing him more access and chances to achieve his revenge. To quote José Saramago “I think we are blind. Blind people who can see, but do not see.” That one phrase basically sums up all of Hamlet if thought about (and the knowledge of Hamlet is all there.) The 2 soliloquies of act 1 and 2 seem to have a great resemblance to the modron time. People that live in this day and age tend to beat themselves up way more than expected. As for suicide rate, it is up to 44,193 people a year in the US alone. People would think that a large portion of those would be teens, but that is incorrect, teens actually of the lowest rate out of all those. The rate gets almost progressively higher as age increases. Hamlet is about 20 to 40 years old in age, depending on the actor. This makes him more likely to be suicidal that if he was 10. A specially with the tragedy at has
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