Obstacles In The Testing Trilogy

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Would you fight through all obstacles to accomplish a test determining your life? Or would you crumble under the pressure? In The Testing trilogy, there are many characters that have multiple different obstacles to face during the trilogy. Cia has had many obstacles for example when she had to figure out who to trust and who to rely on. My theme that i find is very common in the testing trilogy is that there will be many obstacles to overcome in life.

In the Testing trilogy, many obstacles that were faced occurred in the first person narrative and have a lot of emotions giving better detail on those obstacles. In The Testing, the author uses first person narrative to support the theme. For example on page 231 when they say, “I am so pleased with my efforts that i don't register the sound of something moving behind me. When i do, i barely have time
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This supports the theme because through the first person narrative Cia had an obstacle to fight in her way of a pure water source. In Independent Study, the author uses first person narrative to support the theme multiple times. For example, on page 178 when they write, “Thomas's hand tightens around mine when i mention teaming up with Will. Ever since listening to the recording, I've wondered if Tomas's subconscious remembers the events i outlined on the transit communicator. But now i am, forced to consider whether my dream was right.” This supports that theme because through the first-person narrative, Cia is being forced to make the decision to determine whether or not she should trust Thomas and this is a major obstacle due to the emotional attachment that they have. In Graduation Day the author once again uses the first-person narrative to support the theme. For example, on page 225 when they say, “My words are cold. Hard.
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