Obstacles Of Life In Homer's Odyssey

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The Odyssey Of Life

In the Odyssey, Homer explains Odysseus’ journey through life and all his obstacles that are faced. Odysseus has near death experiences with cyclopes, witches, and very powerful gods and goddesses. Through ten years Odysseus and his men experience pain, triumph, and even suffering. During this time he develops courage, strength, and fear towards his situations, but not without some help from others. Just like in our daily lives we need to learn that we can not do everything on our own, and that at some point or another we will need help.

Life consists of many paths, but choosing the wrong one can cause a huge hurdle in your future. In life my hopes are just to purely become successful and to be able to support a family of my own, however there are many obstacles that follow this hope of mine, such as my immediate family being accepting of my husband. It’s a big thing for my family to accept my husband, because if they don’t like him how awkward would that be, plus they’d never be able to see my children. In the Odyssey, Odysseus goes to the underworld to meet Tiresias with the insecurity that he will be turned away and not receive his help. This is like the fear I have of my family meeting my husband, because I am afraid
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Now you have a family, you spent all that money for school, and now have nothing. During the Odyssey, Odysseus goes to Circe expecting her to help him but instead she turns his men into pigs and holds him captive. This is exactly like what I like to call the “career choice failure fear” where you expect one thing and get another just like Odysseus meeting Circe sometimes things are unexpected, you just can’t change
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