Is The American Dream A Reality Essay

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When you think of the American Dream what do you think of. Some might think of coming from another country, going to college, or maybe becoming an owner of a business. There 's many definitions of The American Dream, everyone’s is different. I see the American Dream as a reality not so much of a dream these days. First thing I 'm going to talk about it what are some obstacles of reaching the American Dream, which groups of people have had trouble obtaining the dream, and why. The real question is, is the American Dream a reality, or is it just a dream? To me the American dream is making money, a supporting loving family, and having a career you love. I think that many people come to the U.S. looking for their own idea of The American Dream, but in my opinion I’m not sure how much of the american dream still exist. There is many obstacles for the dream; endless you 're born into your wildest dream. For immigrants coming from different countries grasping their dream can be very hard. There is language barriers, cultural barriers, and money barriers. There is also a lot of obstacles even for people who live in our country trying to achieve the American Dream. Many people across the US live in poverty, all those people have completely different definitions of the dream. The dreams could be so simple like just getting a job one day, or feeding their family. People who live in the US have lots of obstacles for getting the american dream, they’re just different than
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