Obstacles: The Three Main Sources Of Greatness And Success

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“Another source of greatness is difficulty. When any work seems to have required immense force and labour to effect it, the idea is grand” -Edmund Burke”.
Obstacles are challenges that make a better version of ourselves, doors that we need to open to achieve greatness and success. These obstacles can range from your school work to the death of a loved one. Everyone faces obstacles and challenges, some overcome them and some get overwhelmed the obstacles. In fact, obstacles are a necessary impetus and a driving force in our lives to keep us motivated towards our ultimate goals. Hard work,motivation and confidence are three main pillars to defeat obstacles.

When overcoming obstacles we learn to work hard to achieve goals and push through
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If you fail one hundred times that doesn 't mean that you should give up, but what it means is that you found one hundred ways that won’t work towards achieving your goal. Consider Thomas Edison, it took him one thousand unsuccessful attempts before inventing the light bulb, many people would consider these one thousand attempts failures. In an interview with Thomas Edison he was asked the question "How did it feel to fail one thousand times?" Edison replied, "I didn 't fail one thousand times. The light bulb was an invention with one thousand steps." This shows that unlike most people, the successful people consider their failures steps to achieving a goal or overcoming their challenges. Another example is Nelson Mandela when he started fighting for the freedom of blacks and the equal treatment of racial minorities in South Africa, which was a British colonization at that time. Nelson Mandela faced many challenges one of them being arrested and sent to prison for 27 years, he didn’t give up, instead he stayed in prison until he was released. After Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa he got rid of all unjust laws and made new ones that got rid of the discrimination in the country. Nothing other than his failures and dedication got him there. In fact, it was his failures that drove him to having success with his goal. We should take from this that we should never resort to giving up before we truly know that what we are doing is not producing any results that will help us achieve greatness and success in
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