Obstacles To Sustainable Gender Equality

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WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT AS A MEANS TO ACHIEVE GENDER EQUALITY I. HOW TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE GENDER EQUALITY By assuring the access of women to education, decent work, proper and universal health care, as well as representation in economics and politics, both the economy and society will be very benefited, while achieving gender equality will contribute to creating a nonviolent, flourishing and sustainable world. As explained in the previous section, the inequalities and violence suffered by women are hard to tackle and the efforts taken up-to-date have not been enough. It is now time for effective solutions and implementations. After a long research of different scholars and institutional officers, I came up with the following list of possible solutions for achieving effective sustainable gender equality. 1. Re-shaping and influencing social norms Undoubtedly, the bigger obstacles to gender equality are current social norms and gender-based discriminatory stereotypes. It is the duty of national and international leaders to influence and re-shape these norms so engrained in our world, and to do so they must: a. Reform legislation: Discriminatory laws should be eradicated while laws protecting women should be introduced. These protective laws should include (a) defending equal pay and equal access to finance, (b) punishing violence against women, (c) guaranteeing the right to own and inherit property, (d) advocating for equal access to education, etc. b. Introduce fair

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