Obstacless In Joey Graceffa's In Real Life

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People often change and develop after overcoming many obstacles. Joey Graceffa changes and develops as he overcomes many different obstacles in his novel, In Real Life. In the novel, Joey discusses the many obstacles he had faced and overcome. It all started when he was a kid and was diagnosed with a learning disability. After that he dealt with bullying and issues at home. At home, his parents were divorced, his sister was a troublemaker, and his mother had a drinking problem. As he deals with these obstacles, he starts to change and develop into who he is today. Eventually, he overcomes most obstacles and has changed in many ways. Throughout the novel, In Real Life by Joey Graceffa, Joey faces and overcomes many obstacles and develops as a person due to those obstacles. Joey faces many challenges throughout his novel. When he was just a toddler he would eat lead paint chips that chipped off of the sills of their house. One day his mother found him ingesting the lead paint chips and she rushed him to the doctor. Luckily he only ended up with “a learning disability, though that’s now how [he] would feel while dealing with its repercussions for the next twenty years of…show more content…
After overcoming most obstacles, he has changed and developed into the person he is today. Joey is now very mature because sister was barely around and his mom had a serious drinking problem so he had “become the parent at just thirteen” (Graceffa 36). Now he is much more mature because he had to be due to the obstacles he faced. Although he is mature, he can also be very childish because he was not able to be childish when he was younger. Joey is also himself. He is not afraid or ashamed to be himself. He embraced his flaws and does not let others opinions of him impact his opinion of himself. Joey became a stronger and mature person, he is no longer afraid to be himself and will defend himself when needed. The obstacles that he overcame helped him become who he
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