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Obstetric anesthesia is a challenge in these patients because of complex spinal defects and could make regional anesthesia difficult but not absolutely contraindicated. A spina bifida cystica patient with a lesion above T11 is unlikely to experience labor pain. However there is a potential risk of autonomic hyper reflexia in patients with thoracic lesions (T5–T8) and prophylaxis should be provided. There is an increased risk of accidental dural puncture as well as failed block and excessive cranial spread of the local anesthetic while performing epidural blockade. In most cases the obstetric anaesthetist also faces the challenge of dealing with surgically scarred backs. More severe cases may present with scoliosis and respiratory compromise. Few reports have…show more content…
In such a syndrome, the cerebellar vermis herniates into the foramen magnum, causes vocal cord paralysis (VCP) by compression of the brainstem and/or vagus nerves. The compression can either come from the cerebellar tissue itself or from the ensuing hydrocephalus. Most commonly, bilateral vocal cord paralysis is seen but unilateral paralysis is also possible.

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