Occupational Safety Management

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1. Introduction
Occupational safety and health plays an important role for workers. It aims to prevent and reduce the risk of occupational accidents and diseases as well as to create a safe and comfortable workplace in order to achieve the company’s goals efficiently and effectively.
The implementation of occupational safety and health management system has various benefits for the industry, including hospitals. Recently, the development of hospitals as health care facilities is very rapid, both in terms of number and utilization of health technology. Therefore, hospital as a health service facility for the community must improve the quality of its service without neglecting Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) for all existing workers in
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The average hospital in the US recorded that 8 hospital workers were injured and affected by occupational diseases for every 100 full-time workers. This amount was almost double for private industry (2). Overall potential hazards in the hospital, in addition to health problems such as infectious diseaseas, there are other potential hazards that may affect the situation and condition of the hospital, such as accidents caused by hazardous chemicals, anesthetic gases, accidents related to electrical installations, radiation, vibration, psychosocial and ergonomic disorders (3).
Hospital is a service industry that has various complicated worker problems with various risks of occupational diseases and accidents according to the type of work, so that it is required to implement Occupational Safety and Health in Hospital (K3RS) (4). Nurses are the highest number of health personnel and the ones who have the longest contact with the patients, so that their job is very harmful. The implementation of OSH to nurses serves as an effort to create safe and healthy health services not only for patient safety, but also for the nurses
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The hospital was built in 1977 with a land area of 27,000 m2 and building area of 9.361 m2 consisting of 5 floors with 50 inpatient beds. Previously, the researcher has conducted preliminary research at the hospital. Based on the result of interview, the implementation of OSH culture to nurses in Hospital X was good, but the execution was not optimal. In providing health services for patients, the nureses performed their duties in accordance with existing procedures in the hospital. The existing management and health workers were working to improve the implementation of OSH culture in the hospital. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the overview of the implementation of OSH culture on nurses of Emergency Department, Operating Room, and ICU at Hospital
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