Occupational Therapist: A Case Study Essay

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Disabilities, chronic and acute illness can strongly impact the concept of self that most people don’t anticipate. Often a person’s habits need to be altered or adjusted due to disabilities, chronic or acute illnesses. Habits are reflective of the concept of self and this is embedded in our habits which form overtime (Charmaz, 2002). Habits are social and are tied to everyday activities; they are embedded in our social lives and help create a social. Occupational Therapists (OT) need to be aware of cultural and societal factors that impact habits. They need to anticipate psychosocial results due to disability, identify a client’s roles and habits that may be impacted and consider a client- centered approach with their rehabilitation goals. Life…show more content…
An OT may see shock, anxiety, fear on clients with chronic disorders with acute onset. These psychosocial issues are experiences are influenced by person, cultural and social demographics. In some cases, psychosocial issues don’t surface right away after the onset of the illness or disability. In other cases, the onset of the injury or disability cause individuals to feel depression and a change in self-concept. OT’s need to be flexible and knowledge about psychosocial issues so they can create a good client- therapist relationship. Psychosocial issues can be specific to a diagnosis of disability. It is important for the OT to be mindful of these for a client-centered approach to therapy. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when OT’s assess client’s with disabilities. The OT needs to address the challenges that a client may have that made add to psychosocial issues such as cultural and social factors. They should also be aware of the stages of adaptation to disabilities when selecting interventions. This will be a frame of reference in how the OT can address issues and work with people with disabilities who may have psychosocial
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