Occupational Therapist Reflection Paper

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A pleasurable aspect volunteering at the United Hebrew Nursing and Rehabilitation facility was the opportunity to see the patients actively involved in meaningful therapeutic activities. In keeping the same schedule for several weeks it allowed me to briefly follow certain clients rehabilitation regimes. It enabled me to gain an understanding of the role of an Occupational Therapist in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and rehabilitation setting. Therefore, I found it interesting seeing the strategies implemented in the sessions, such as, home hazard assessment and interventions before the patient is discharged. For instance, placing items on the floor and asking a high functioning patient how/if they could pick up the items if home alone. These types of treatment sessions were informative on how the role of the therapist extended…show more content…
It was inspiring to see how appreciative the patient was in the thoughtfulness and creativity of the therapist in choosing an activity that she enjoyed. I also saw several patients who were uncooperative and slightly combative in their sessions, which is expected in a geriatric center. I think it is important for a prospective Occupational Therapist to realize the challenges that may accompany a healthcare practitioner duties and see how problematic situations are handled. I saw the therapists take into account the emotional state of the client by patiently asking questions as to how they can assist them with their dilemma. It was a valuable example of how an Occupational Therapist treats the whole person, including their psychological, emotional and even social needs. I was also grateful for the willingness of the therapists to give me a brief explanation of the patients condition, with their consent, and answer my questions after the
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