Occupational Therapy Career Essay

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Will Smith said, “Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” My parents showed me this quote and this saying has held true throughout my life. I was not gifted with raw talent at many things, but through hard work and dedication I have succeeded at activities that I am passionate about. In academics and athletics I have have worked hard and gone beyond the minimum requirements in order to set myself apart from others. In academics, athletics, volunteering, and employment I have gone beyond the minimum requirements because I wanted to succeed. Excelling in these areas has required me to be disciplined and to develop a great work ethic. From these life experiences, I have become a skilled and well-rounded individual.
Occupational therapy is a career that I am interested in
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From working and volunteering with therapists, I have realized that every patient and each patient’s situation is unique. Occupational Therapists have the opportunity to work and get to know patients on a personal level and customize their care to provide treatment that will be beneficial for that specific individual and their situation. I am motivated to become an Occupational Therapist because I would be able to use my personal skills to get to know each patient and my knowledge and creative skills to develop a rehabilitation plan to help each patient improve and live an independent, satisfying life. A career as an Occupational Therapist would allow me to work with people from a variety of ages, races, ethnicity’s, and backgrounds. This would be beneficial to me because I am a patient individual who would take the time to effectively communicate and understand each client’s situation. Knowing that I could make a difference in a person’s life that I work with would make this career very personally satisfying. Another reason I am pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy is because
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