Occupational Therapy Career Essay

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It’s been a rough journey trying to find a career that I am interested in for my profession. When I discovered occupational therapy, I didn’t know much about the field. A family friend of mine was the one who introduced, because I always knew that I wanted to work with families and infants. I then did some research and found occupational therapy that specializes in infants. I wasn’t aware that you could be an occupational therapist that works with infants, until the end of my senior year of high school. This career appeals to me, because I have always had a profound love of infants and have cared for them since I was a child. This profession will give me the chance to connect with my patients on a more personal level. It will also allow me to have a unique opportunity to work with individuals from all different backgrounds. However, the biggest reason why this occupation appeals to me is, because I want to have the ability to make a difference and make an impact in my patients lives. Once I have completed the master 's program for occupational therapy, I then want to specialize in occupational therapy for infants. After I have passed all the exams in order to be licensed, I would ideally want to work in a private practice or would like to provide occupational therapy services to the client’s in their residential area. I haven’t had any prior experience with working…show more content…
I would love the opportunity to be apart of a growing field that is dedicated to helping people out. What I am most excited about occupational therapy is that this field allows for me to be creative with the types of actives that will help infants and their family reach the desired end goal for therapy. By being enrolled in Dominican’s pre-occupational therapy program, I would have the chance to help people out, empower others to help themselves, while doing the career I

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