Occupational Therapy History

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Occupational therapy started back in the age of Enlightened in the 1700s in England. The founders were Susan Cox Johnson, George E. Barton, Eleanor Clarke Slagle, William R Dunton Jr, Isabel Newton, and Thomas B. Kidner. They all held different tittles they went from architect to nurse. They believed that occupying the patients with work, arts and craft, leisure. Would provide feelings of security and self-worth. And would help them forget their problems and incorporate them back to society. They had different approaches slagles believed in the habit training, Dunton in the judicious Regimen of Activity. They founded different retreats such as the York retreat, the Chicago hull house, it employed the sick people in various occupations it was expected as a way for the patient to maintain control over his or hers disorder, which mainly helped…show more content…
She advocated for certification and good salaries. Eleanor Clarke Slagle gains approval from the board of the American Occupational Therapy Association to rent a room from the National Health Counsel to serve as headquarters for the association. “The Archives of Occupational Therapy” by Dunton was first published.
Meyer emphasizes that occupations should be meaningful (No longer arts and crafts)
Eight schools of Occupational Therapy were established. The American Occupational Therapy Association started standards for practitioners. Accreditation of educational programs became a stated function of the American Occupational Therapy Association, and basic educational standards were developed. Graduating from an appropriate school became the prerequisite to be able to practice.

Dunton, Slagle, and Susan Tracy, another Association founder, played a vital role in the creation and passage of the Federal Industrial Rehabilitation Act, Dunton stressed the important of research in occupational

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