Occupational Therapy Intervention Paper

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As occupational therapy assistants one plays an intricate part in treating and caring for the client. In order to ensure that the client is treated properly and that they are progressing towards meeting their final outcome a treatment plan must be created. It is important that throughout treatment the occupational therapist (OT) and occupational therapy assistant (OTA) use independent professional judgement in order to ensure clients best interest are being met. The treatment plan consist of a three step intervention process: intervention plan, intervention implementation, and intervention review.
The intervention plan is the initial step of implementing the treatment plan after the client has received an evaluation. The purpose of the intervention plan is guide the OTPF in creating the plan and establishing time frames concerning related goals that are measurable and objective, the approach that will be used, how the treatment will be delivered and by who, making referrals to other practices if needed, and evaluating possible needs and plans for discharge (AOTA, 2014)). The plan is best completed through a collaborative effort by the occupation therapist practitioners (OTP), the client, and family or significant others. It is also important to recognize that research concerning treatment is imperative in order to ensure professional
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Client has pain when extending the neck towards the sternum, lateral extension of the right side, and reduced range of motion in rotation of the neck towards the left side of the body. Patient explains that prior to her injury she could touch her chin to her sternum area, easily rotate her head from right to left and look over her shoulder. She complains of lack of sleep due to pain, headaches, problems with driving and inability to bend neck to read, eat, and engage in office/school work. Client loves to take long drives, put together puzzles, and play video
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