Occupational Therapy Model: Frame Of Reference

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Occupational Therapy Model / Frame of Reference (FOR) There are several frames of references that occupational therapy utilizes. The frame of reference (FOR) gives the therapist guidelines to follow as interventions are conducted. Choosing a proper FOR is key for the best treatment approach for each unique patient. One FOR that would be appropriate for Kara in this case study is Model of Human Occupation (MOHO). MOHO seeks to explain how occupation is interested, patterned, and performed. It offers a wide-ranging view of human occupation. Within MOHO, humans are theorized as being made up of three interconnected components such as volition, habituation, and performance capacity. Volition suggests to the inspiration for occupation, habituation refers to the process by which occupation is planned into routines, and performance capacity signifies the…show more content…
MOHO also emphasizes the physical and social environments. Through MOHO-based assessments and philosophies, occupational therapists are able to gather information about the clients regarding responsibilities, behaviors, and customs, which, help to facilitate re-engagement in meaningful occupations. Then, distinguish and obtain of these adaptive skills by the patient permits optimal functioning. In the case study, Kara’s volition, habituation, performance skills, and environment was discussed. As far as Kara’s volition, she values going back to school after being discharged from the hospital. She enjoys studying and values her work during the summer at the day camp. Kara has meaningful goals and is committed to accomplishing her study in which is her personal causation. Although she anticipates graduating college, she fails to control her
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