Occupational Therapy Narrative

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My Field as Occupational Therapy

I described Occupational Therapy as the field to help all kinds of people with disabilities or who need help to have more prosperous standard of living. This career has a complex concept but the main goal of the Occupational Therapists is understand the different need of the client and improve their daily activities. I always been interested in the medical field especially in the pediatric setting. When I came to this country, I spent almost two years finding what I wanted to study. While I was doing research, I am taking class to improve my English and gain time to be sure my future career. Since I was young, I always like to help people and in my native country Cuba I studied the Special Education as a teacher that I still love but when I came to this country I pursued something similar but not as a teacher because I do not feel comfortable with the languages. Finally I decide to be an Occupational Therapist because I felt inspired first time in the medical field and
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I remember when I was a child something happened in my family. My aunt had her baby before time and he was a premature baby. After that the doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy and from that moment he was a child with much of special need. Since that moment I felt animated to help children with these needs and now I am close to fulfilling my goals. I believe that Occupational Therapy is what I wanted to do for the rest of my live. In one of the research I found an article by Andrew C. Persch “P4 Medicine and Pediatric Occupational Therapy”, after read this article caught my attention in this field. Pediatric Occupational Therapists always face new challenge and with them arise types of therapy (Persch et al., 2013). In 2004 the medicine adopt a new method of health care that aims to increase wellness from reactive to preventive disease. The meaning of P4 is predictive, personalized, preventive
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