Occupational Therapy Reflective Report

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My fieldwork 1 was in the neuro rehabilitation unit (NRU) in National Guard Health Affairs hospital. I was excited that the area allows occupational therapy critical thinking for its variety of patients and neurological wide spread of conditions. For example, stroke, spinal cord injury, and others. The area is focus in strengthening, cognitive, and increase range of motion. I had seen patients with stroke and spinal cord injury. Most of the referral in the NRU is geriatric patient. This area is used The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) assessment, which is focus on how patient do the activity independently. The (BESTCare) is a system that used in this area. This system is containing the patient 's medical history through an electronic…show more content…
The patient lost the lower extremity by car accident, which cause impairment in L1. The occupational therapist works with him to strengthening upper extremity for do activity of daily living. The occupational therapist use with him virtual context like Wii game to increase the range of motion of upper extremity. In addition, therapist improves hand function and grasp by use like nine hole peg in the both hand that started with dominant hand and Load weight. Therapist training patient to transfer from wheelchair to bed and from bed to wheelchair. The insurance of the patient pay for treatment. In conclusion, I liked the relationship between therapist to therapist and therapist to patients in neuro rehabilitation unit. I saw excited patients when they come to session to do activity. I liked that all rehabilitation team in the same area and the patient do like example physical therapy session after that he come to occupational therapy session. That is more advantages for doing two sessions as improve muscle power. I will excite to go others area to gain more knowledge as orthopedic, acute neuro, or burn

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