Occupational Therapy: The Role Of Spirituality In Everyday Life

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“Although spirituality can be experienced outside of occupation, engaging in occupation is the most common and effective mechanism for these experiences because it is through occupational engagement that spirituality becomes more tangible” (Willard and Spackman, 2013). Religious and spiritual activities can be personal and are often shaped by personal beliefs and values” (Willard and Spackman, 2013). Through this instrumental activity of daily living, individuals are able to not only form a sense of connectedness with themselves but also with others or the physical world (Willard and Spackman, 2013). I wanted to understand how this IADL fit into the practice of occupational therapy and in the well-being of individuals, such as myself. With…show more content…
Like occupational therapy, spirituality is very individualized, therefore the specific activity and its experience, context, and environment will relate to the “essence of the person and their inner motivator” (Bassett, Lloyd, and Tse, 2008). It has the potential to influence [an individual 's] overall health and structure human experience, beliefs, values, behavior, and illness patterns (Taylor et al., 2000). It can also “affect occupational performance and development throughout the lifespan” (Donica, 2008). These articles place spirituality/religion as a contributing quality of what makes up an individual and the occupations they engage in. Upon coming to understand this category of occupation, by way of literary review, I am able to use these definitions and the OTPF to define and describe my IADL, prayer, as a religious and/or spiritual…show more content…
Growing up my mother prayed with me and ever since then it has become a part of my daily routine/habit (performance pattern). Often times I pray in the morning, before I start my day, and in the evening before I go to sleep. I derive peace and a sense of calmness during this occupation. Especially after a stressful day, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day, the good and the bad, which contributes to peace of mind and my overall mental wellness. I also pray before my meals which allows me to be thankful and appreciative which I believe helps me to stay grounded. Prayer also helps me to feel connected to others. I remember moments when my mom would pray with me, the context, her heartfelt expressions, and how they brought comfort to me as a child. When I mention others in my prayers, I feel a sense of connectedness to them and if they are going through difficulties prayer helps me to keep them in mind and look for opportunities to assist
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