Occupational Timeline Analysis Essay

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Occupational Timeline Analysis
Occupational History Throughout my life, the arts as an occupation have shaped my decisions. My first experience with art was when I began learning to draw as a toddler. Both my mother and grandmother helped me explore it by providing me with crayons and markers. At first, my grandmother would primarily guide me, but I had more skill with my left hand (like my southpaw mother). When I was a bit older, around 4, my mother would read simple stories with me at night. My interest in the performing arts started with singing to The Ramones in my mom’s red sedan. I was not formally involved in the performing arts as an occupation, however, until elementary school. Elementary school began to introduce a social context to my favorite artistic occupations. I took an after school ballet class when I was 5, but did not continue it. Instead, I decided to join an after school class on animals with a friend of mine. This served as an inspiration for both my drawings and reading. I would often borrow how-to-draw books on dogs, until I felt comfortable enough to study photos instead. Most of my favorite books were stories that involved anthropomorphized animals or fact books from the
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Chorus was with the same chorus teacher, but I joined the Women’s Group, a selective after school program. Since a girl in Women’s Group was involved in the community choir, I also decided to join that. Drama became more involved, with a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Since some of my friends were part of the newspaper club, I started writing articles for the school newspaper. I also convinced a friend to join the art club with me, which involved more crafts than the painting I was used to. The painting lessons I took throughout middle school caused me to consider how I could include art in my future as a paid profession, and took AP Drawing my senior
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