How To Prevent Fire Safety Essay

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In every petroleum fields, rig activities can be resulted in unexpected incidents and disasters in the drilling site. Thus, for the safety and security of individuals, the health and safety precautions should be done. Despite the fact that most accidents can be prevented, most of them occur due to inattention, and negligence. Overall, the physical welfare and security of employees are not only important for high productivity but also important for regulative requirements. For achieving successful projects, the companies must maintain the safety of human resources. A company or organization can never reach a long-term success without maintaining the safety and environment. This also has a negative effect on the criterion of the company or organization.…show more content…
The elements that make fires to start are oxygen, fuel, and heat. In this case, heat is an ignition source for the fire and it can be anything which can start the fire for instance electrical discharges or infra-red radiation. Fuel cannot be removed from the process areas because most of the materials are being processed with it. However, it is better to ensure that the flammable or combustible materials don’t build up outside and stay within pipework and vessels. The occurrence of fire exposure in hydrocarbon fields is one of the most possible dangerous hazards because of the flammable substances or gases. The ignition sources are difficult to eliminate completely, although to control them reduces the risk of explosion or fire. Possible ignition sources are:  Mechanical Sparks. They can be produced from different activities. The obvious sources of sparks are grinding and cutting operations, but there are also other potential sources for example any metal impacts, nailed or metal boots on the metal walkways, flying rotors blades of broken fans etc. it is possible to utilize tools that are encased in rubber, but even this does not guarantee that there will be a non-spark

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