Occupy Wall Street Argument

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Paragraph 1 Many people assume that in the world, rich people become richer while poor people become much more poor. In discussions of the income gap between rich and poor, one controversial issue is the class conflict. On the one hand, S. E. Hinton argues that rich people and poor people stay in different groups and they often have conflict with each other. On the other hand the Occupy Wall Street movement argues that the wealth should be reallocate from these rich people in the 1%. However, where they both agree is there are conflicts and misunderstanding between rich and poor. Paragraph 2: S.E.Hinton argues that poor and rich always have conflict with each others and they have their own gangs. In The Outsiders, ponyboy maintains that “ We’re poorer than the Socs and the middle class. I reckon we are…show more content…
As the White House correspondent Scott Horsley puts it, “ A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds the income gap is now seen as a bigger source of conflict in the U.S. than race, age or national origin. That's why some believe the issue could matter in the presidential campaign, and others worry it could warp the national debate.” (The Income gap: Unfair, Or We Are Just Jealous). point is that being rich is not wrong, but we need to let poor children to have a better education and a place to show their talent. If Scott Horsley is right that we need to pay more attention on children in poverty, as I think they are, then we need to reassess the popular assumption that poor people are not jealous, also they need to have the right to live and their children need to have the right of education and good environment to grow up. As a result, the government and the society should not only notice the poor may need more wealth to support them, but also we need to help poor to have a better
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