Occurrence On Owl Creek Bridge Film Analysis

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In the world of modern film, numerous works are originally literature before they are recreated into films. Some adaptations can enhance the interpretation of its original text or in one’s opinion take away vital aspects of the story. Rod Sterling’s television program, “The Twilight Zone”, has recreated many famous literary works and became a popular in the living rooms of the 1960s. One episode recreates the short story, “The Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce. It tells the story of the man in the 1800s facing the final moments of his life before being hung on a bridge for a crime he committed. While he his awaiting his pending death, he fantasizes escaping and returning to his family. In this film, it enhances and loses aspects…show more content…
Bierce explicitly illustrates this tale through his own words in an exceptional manner. Television’s famous Rod Sterling, recreates this story and televises it for modern audiences to view physically. The film and story bring their own enhancements and restrictions towards the message of the story. They each bring unique aspects that help the audience interpret the message. This also conveys the general mood of the literary work that dwells in the occurring events that take place. The text and film create this mood by using the senses they are able to utilize. This creates a response from the audience, who uses all the given information to grasp the story’s concepts. Other factors help create a literary relationship between the audience and the characters in the story. After analyzing both works, they both delivers the idea that death is inevitable when one’s time has come. Both the film and text display the human minds fight to escape death by simulating a false reality before meeting the grim truth. Bierce and Sterling achieved delivering this idea in their own construction
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