Ocd Persuasive Essay

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(Forward: The Prologue Preamble Perambulate)
SERVING NO ESSAYS BEFORE THEIR TIME While demonstrably neurotic to care about wines and worry over colleges, before their time - both of which, during the writing of these initial drafts, are in my far-flung future - I can’t help myself. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me I had OCD, I’d have $39.25! However, the dispassionate diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not so singularly simple, for example, while some excitable clinicians propose I exhibit multiple symptoms of CDO, which is almost exactly like OCD, but in alphabetical order; other more melodramatic diagnosticians advocate for a verdict of Compulsive Disorder Extreme, which is indistinguishable from OCD & CDO, but sequential - just as it should be! Hopefully the following representative essays speak well (Do you hear the voices too?) for themselves and my casually sanguine overuse of semi-colons, exclamation points, and coordinating conjunctions adequately piques your inner grammarian’s smoldering interest, favorably fanning the flames sufficiently to consider me for Early Admission to Kenyon College and a full tuition merit scholarship award! Like diamonds, your time is precious, so I have limited my three Herculean labors of highly polished, introductory
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If you find any mistakes, then you are a better proofreader than eye! The following spelling and grammar error free results are the culmination of twenty-five excessive drafts and compulsive rewrites, begun my Freshman year of high school - enjoy the
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