Ocean Acidification: A Risky Shell Game By Kate Madin

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The article “Ocean Acidification: a Risky Shell Game” was written by Kate Madin and was published in Volume 48, Issue 1, of the journal Oceanus in 2010. I accessed the article through the University of West Florida’s library’s website by searching for the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database under the “A-Z Database List.” Once in the database, one can search the title of the article in the search box to locate it. Madin intended this article to be read by the general public who are interested in learning the affect ocean acidification has on shell development. The main purpose is to inform readers of the future impact ocean acidification has on coral reefs and their inhabitants. Madin begins her article by introducing the new study about how marine organisms’ shells deal with ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is where excess CO2 dissolves in the ocean and…show more content…
She starts off by explaining what ocean acidification is and how it affects the shells of marine organisms. Madin also quotes Ries, the lead in the experiment conducted. This use of quoting gives me a primary source of information, which is strong in a paper. The experiment conducted is also explained in great detail because Madin gives us the number of tanks, the different CO2 levels, and examples of the organisms used. I can use this experiment in my paper to show how ocean acidification will shift the balance of the ocean. If certain organisms lose their protective shells while others become more dominant, the entire food chain system will be thrown off balance for habitants of the ocean and land. I can also use this experiment to show how ocean acidification can also be beneficial for certain organisms to strengthen my rebuttal section. This article will be useful because of its in depth explanation of the experiment and use of primary
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