Ocean Acidification: A Tragic Environmental Issue In Our World

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Ocean Acidification
Have you ever touched the ocean before? Have you ever felt the cool waters rush against your skin? Or have you ever felt it burning your skin? Ocean acidification is becoming an extremely tragic environmental issue in our world that keeps getting worse the longer we leave it. Ocean acidification is the ongoing decrease of the oceans pH levels due to vast amounts of CO₂ entering the water from our atmosphere. 30-40% of the carbon dioxide emitted from human activity released into the atmosphere finds its way into lakes, rivers, and oceans all adding to the acidity of the great waters. This increase of carbon dioxide intake is causing the ocean to become more acidic. The ocean's acidity has increased by around 30% since the industrial revolution. This affects every single one of the oceans. More specifically the Arctic, Antarctic, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic ocean. In this research report
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The first solution I found was limiting carbon emissions. By doing things that limit our carbon emissions such as carpooling or walking we will put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, creating less to find there way into the ocean. This would be the simplest solution to our problem, but I don’t believe people would be willing to do these simple things. Alternatively there is iron fertilization. By seeding the ocean with carbon we can absorb some of the excess carbon decreasing the overall amount. Finally planting more trees and cutting down less will help with this issue. By adding more elements that use the carbon to make energy we are absorbing even more of the unwanted carbon. Additionally cutting down less trees will have the same effect as planting more. Having a good amount of trees in the world will take the CO₂ that is causing the acidification and turn it into good energy. These are just some of the solutions for ocean

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