Ocean Acidification: Assignment: Ocean Acidification

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Environmental Sciences
Assignment No. 01
Assignment Topic:
“Ocean Acidification”
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Jan 31,2015.
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Mahneem Fazal
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Prof.Dr.Faiza Shareef


The stuffing of carbon dioxide in our earth’s environment is mirrored by an increase in the amount of carbonic acid present in the oceans .The sea water absorbs carbon dioxide, the reaction occur and the pH of the sea water decreases the carbonate ion concentration in the water and the saturation states of the biologically important calcium carbonate minerals also reduces. These reactions are named as ocean acidification .The ocean is found associated with the carbon cycle where the ocean acts as sink .It stores a large concentration of carbon from the atmosphere .The ocean and the atmosphere are in contact with each other. Carbon dioxide is transferred between the ocean and the atmosphere usually it travels from the atmosphere to the ocean and finally there reached an equilibrium stage


The oceans presently absorb a large amount of human-created CO2, roughly 22 million tons per day. Increase in the number shows that at the end of the century, continued discharge could lessen ocean’s pH by additional 0.5 units. Shell-forming organisms including corals, shrimps, lobster, oysters, many planktonic species, and even many fish species are affected badly.

The issue is; as the oceans continuously absorb more carbon dioxide, their capacity as a
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