Ocean Descriptive Writing

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I was standing on top of a cliff that faced a forest that seemed to go on for miles. The soles of my feet made contact with the coarse rocky ground, whose bumps tried to penetrate my skin. Above me was a twilight sky that was pinkish-purple in colour. You could see the many twinkling stars hanging from the sky. From below me I could hear the singing of cicadas and the chirping of bird, which blended together to form an orchaestra. A gentle blew against my face, bringing along with the salty scent of the ocean, not too far away. If I concentrated I could hear the waves crashing against the seaboard. It brought a calming sensation to my mind as though I was living a vivid fantasy.
I sat down, and folded my legs together, which made it look like I was meditating. Suddenly I could see something that was burning gold. It slowly rose to its throne in the sky. As it came up, I could notice that it was in a semi-circular shape. Soft golden rays of light radiated from its arc, which illuminated the dark that turned from blue- black to a deep orange. The wispy clouds in the sky which drifted around without a purpose, were now visible to me. Suddenly, a flock of birds whooshed past me, above my head. They were headed towards the
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As it went up , it colour shifted from burning-orange to whitish-gold. The sky reciprocated and its own colours changed too, from deep orange to a light blue colour, which made it seem more playful. The forest below me also looked different. Before it was dark and ominous, but now it seemed like a delightful place, with birds flying around from place to place. The leaves of the many tropical trees in the forest, glimmered under the benevolent sun. I could feel its warmth and radiance striking my skin and heating it up. It made me sleepy and my eyelids started to droop. Unable to resist the temptation I curled up into a ball and fell asleep as though I was still in my mother 's
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