Ocean Of Pearls

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The purpose of this assignment is a family assessment; therefore I chose to assess a Sikh religious Indian family portrayed in the film Ocean of Pearls. The movie is focused on the main character Dr. Amrit whom is a Turban wearing Sikh surgeon who lives in Toronto Canada with his very traditional family. His family follows strict religious traditions, their Sikh religion focuses on selflessness and service to that in need. In the Sikh religion males are not allowed to cut their hair as they must wear a turban as a sign of their devotion to their faith. Dr. Amrit struggles with his father’s strict devotion to Sikh religion and culture. Dr. Amrit is frequently discriminated and mistaken for Arab as he has a long beard and wears a
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Amerit explains that Indian Sikh follow very strict rules and traditions, such as not being allowed to drink alcohol, trimming hair, and eating meat. Adultery and pre-marital relations are considered a sin. He states that Sikh religion males should consider another man’s wife as his sister or mother and another man’s daughter as his own daughter. Women have to follow the same rules except that they are allowed to cut their hair. He informs that his religion follows some basic principles of service including but not limited to, humility and equality. He explains that traditionally Sikh must abide by five rules which are: 1. keeping your hair uncut. 2. A steel bracelet which symbolizes strength, 3. A comb to keep groomed. 4. A sword protects yourself and others, additionally; the sword reminds them that they must fight for injustice. 5. Long underwear to properly cover their private parts. (Sikhism101 A Brief History) Dr. Amrit says that he does agree with his religious principles of humility and equality. However, he thinks that carrying a sword is ridiculous. Thus, it might be easy to agree with Dr. Amirit, it is important to remember that as a therapist you can’t take sides. According to The Council of National Psychological Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests “Culturally competent therapists recognize the limits of their competencies and expertise. They realize that it is unethical to work with culturally diverse populations without specialized training or expertise.”(p.6). Dr. Amarit thinks that all these rules and regulations are somewhat crazy. He states that he will not raise his children with so many
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