Ocean Pollution

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What is an ocean? An ocean is a large body of salt water that covers approximately three-quarters of Earth’s surface. The global ocean is also divided into five divisions which are Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean. The global ocean is home to thousands of aquatic species like fish, turtles, whales and coral reefs. As the main component of Earth, the global ocean is significant to all living organisms because the ocean is the source of water apart from having an important role in carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle. However, in this era of rapid industrialisation and globalisation, the pollution of the global ocean has become the major worldwide issue of discussion. Even a former French naval officer and explorer, Captain Jacques Cousteau once pointed out that water, as well as air, which are two important components for all life, have become global garbage can. Human activities are the main reason that marine pollution has achieved a perilous state. Perhaps not surprisingly, disposing plastics into the ocean can be the reason why sixty percents of marine debris are plastics. Just to name a few, plastic bottles, plastic bags, polypropylene fishing nets and polystyrene food containers are some of the debris that has been polluting our ocean today. Consequently, this activity surely will create an utter and potentially irreversible damage to the ocean and can cause extermination of marine life. One of the biggest questions about plastics
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