Ocean Vuong's Father: Poem Analysis

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Born in Vietnam on a rice farm, dad was sent to jail, immigrated to the United States with seven family members, became a successful poet. Ocean Vuong's family and life experiences has propelled him to accomplish and continue to amaze people today. Vuong writes about his experiences, whether it be positive or negative. Certain negative experiences that he can not seem to shake, also trouble with keeping a healthy relationship, and finally trusting that he will find his own path.
Ocean Vuong’s relationship with his father does not come across as a strong one. Vuong’s father was sent to jail when Vuong was just a child for domestic abuse. “... Don't worry. Your father is only your father until one of you forgets…” Vuong’s mother was always a big role model in his life. They moved from Vietnam to the United States, completely illiterate, poor, and working at a nail salon. Ocean Vuong and his seven family members lived in an
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“... And this is how we loved: a fifth of vodka and an afternoon in the attic…” This just represents how Ocean Vuong’s relationships are toxic. When you think of alcohol it usually is to drink to forget, forget about your problems, stressors, and life in general. In the poem they drink together to forget their problems in the relationship, which is obviously not healthy. This is a direct result of how memories can be a good and bad thing. Vuong’s father hit his mother then got sent to jail, which resulted in a later divorce. The one relationship that everyone looks to is that child's parents, Vuong did not have that. Sadly, a lot of children do not have that relationship to look to either, this explains the corrupt “dating” culture society deals with today. “... Your other hand pointing your daddy's revolver to the sky…” Daddy's revolver sounds as if a child has taken control of something with too much power that they can not understand. S/he points it to the sky which shows carelessness and a form of rebellion or need for
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