Ocean Whaling Research Paper

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Whale, aquatic mammal and the largest animals that have ever lived in the ocean. They are most closely related to hippopotamuses. Characteristic and behavior are warm-blooded, and produce milk to feed their young. Their adaptation for aquatic life include a streamlined form, the tail is used for propulsion and the head is very large. The whale have nostril where is on the top of the head called blowholes. They have small eyes, great pressures and hearing also excellent and extremely intelligent. Most large whales travel in small schools, but some like swim alone or in pairs, they are found in Open Ocean. Pregnancy range from 9.5 to 17 months, the newborn baby is able to swim almost immediately. There are 2 major groups. Toothed whales include 2 families, the beaked and bottlenose whales and the sperm whale, the white whales and the narwhal. They catch fast-moving prey and they have a single blowhole and wide throat. Toothless whales, there are 3 families of baleen whales, the right whale family, the gray whale family and the Rorqual family is the most familiar of the large whales. They lack teeth but have brushlike sheets of a horny material called baleen. Their enormous tongues, tons of food can be separated from seawater. Whaling, all species of large whales have been drastically reduced of intensive whaling. The large…show more content…
Whale like other mammal. Whale’s head are very big and have the width mouth. They hearing excellent and have the nostril on the back where is on the top of the head. They are warm blood and produce milk to feed their young. Whales are found in Open Ocean. They travel in small groups and migrate thousands of miles between feeding and breeding grounds. Whales have two major groups. First is toothed whales, they have a fast-moving to eating and hunting other animal or fish. Second is toothless whales, they are eating plankton and krill. The whales are the mammal animal that are largest in the sea

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