Oceana Nas Short Story

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Life in and around Oceana NAS was bad, not horrible, like it had been earlier. Now over a year later it had gone from horrible to bad, which was a step up. They had electricity every other day for four hours at night, because there was a real fuel crunch. The Navy had been slow to react when the event hit and didn’t secure the gas stations and was only now starting to look at gaining control over the gang infested refineries—not that there were many. Since they were slow to react many saw what was happening, recognized it for what it was and found a way to pump the fuel out of their underground storage. Once out the fuel went onto the black-market and sold quickly over the first few months of the event. People burned through what fuel…show more content…
Within the first month a dozen individuals and seven families were asked to leave the camps, escorted out by the Marines. After the Navy cleaned up the individuals and housing they then turned to cleaning up the areas within the camps and outside the camps, which helped solve many of the sanitary issues. New heads (outhouses) were built, and the Navy put people back to work, which ninety percent of the people were all for, but these were largely manual labor jobs and that last ten percent thought the jobs beneath them. This led to another unpopular directive by the Navy to the people in the camps. Everyone, with few exceptions, would…show more content…
That positive impact included the eviction of over twenty-five men and women from the respective camps for all sorts of crimes. The Navy didn’t want to deal with prosecuting these people. There were plenty of witnesses, not to mention most had been caught in the process of committing the crime. Instead, they were exiled from the camp with what they had on their backs. Some people in the camps protested the idea of sending them out into the cold with no protection. It was still the Wild West out beyond the camps. Even before, when the camps had security issues they were still safer than being outside of
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