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I am interested in the field of physical oceanography and hydrodynamics in coastal environments such as river deltas, estuaries, and wetlands. I firmly believe that department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at Louisiana State University is one of the best places for me to fulfill my objectives, flourish intellectually, and -- through my dissertation -- to make a significant contribution to research. My long-term career interests include academia, industrial R&D, and advanced coastal engineering.
I am from a small town in Bangladesh by the Bay of Bengal. A significant part of my life passed watching the waves, the way rows of them rose and eventually break down. Like all people in the coastal region, the bay has always been deeply related
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The primary aim of the courses was to make me a naval architect, but at the same time, these courses gave me a window to think about the alternative application of the knowledge besides building ships and offshore platforms. This discipline, I believe, offers students a perfect blend of engineering, architecture, and oceanography. I had basic all the courses like physics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, mechanics of structure, motion and control, and fluid mechanics. My willingness to help our coastal people and the study track made me more inclined to…show more content…
Besides its exclusive lab facilities, many faculty members here are working on different aspects of hydrology and hydrodynamics in coastal environments. Among them, Dr. Hiatt has an excellent level of expertise in the field of hydrological analysis of river deltas and network analysis of coastal systems and rivers. I have also perused the website and reviewed some published articles of Dr. Liang who have done noteworthy works in the development of sophisticated oceanic process models, creation and interpretation of computer simulations. I feel confident that if I get the chance to work in such an environment with so many research-oriented faculty members, it will be a perfect opportunity for me to make myself an experienced researcher as well. And I firmly believe our work will contribute significantly in this

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