Oceans Affence The Temperature Of The Ocean And The Atmosphere

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Sea levels
The worlds oceans influence the atmosphere. When the temperature of the world rises so does the temperature in the air. The oceans absorb some of the heat the air carries the ocean heats up. The top layer of the ocean is usually the layer most affected by the heat.

Sea levels increase 2,6 to 2,9 mm yearly but this has accelerated in the last years. If counting from the last century until now the sea level has increased 10-20 inches according to Core samples and tide gauge readings .As you can see the trend based on tidal gauges contains minor flexibility but has still increased throughout the years. The burning of fossil fuels and human activity has lead to an increase of heat trapping gases .This has led to the increased melting rate of the glaciers and polar ices.

When sea levels rise it is because of the melting glaciers and melting ice in the polar regions. The ice melting becomes participation because of the water from the ice evaporating. The glaciers and ice therefor add to the oceans through precipitation

In the future the oceans will only continue getting warmer not only at the top layer of the ocean but also in deeper waters. The ocean absorbs 80 percent additional heat . This will continue happening even if people stopped adding to the green house effect. This because even if people stooped with gas emission the atmosphere will still have some access heat left which the oceans will slowly absorb. When the ocean temperature increases the

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