Sea Levels: The Oceans Influence The Atmosphere

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Sea levels
The worlds oceans influence the atmosphere. When the temperature of the world rises so does the temperature in the air. The oceans absorb some of the heat the air carries the ocean heats up. The top layer of the ocean is usually the layer most affected by the heat.

Sea levels increase 2,6 to 2,9 mm yearly but this has accelerated in the last years. If counting from the last century until now the sea level has increased 10-20 inches according to Core samples and tide gauge readings .As you can see the trend based on tidal gauges contains minor flexibility but has still increased throughout the years. The burning of fossil fuels and human activity has lead to an increase of heat trapping gases .This has led to the increased
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LEDS will have problems adapting to this because of the cost of new technology which many people and corporations in LEDS cant afford.
Solar energy on the other hand can be applied more or less everywhere. An example is India where people get educated about solar energy both by teaching the students to memorize and listen for the information and not to study using a book. This to give everybody the chance to become a solar power engineer even the illiterate. These people take back their knowledge to their village so the people can benefit from their knowledge. This leads to entire villages almost only being powered by solar energy. This can be applied all over the world but it is most affective in countries close to the equator since the concentration of solar energy is the highest
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One example is that the EU put up goals fro all EU countries to reach. The goals were to cut green house gases by 40% and increase the usage of renewable energy with 20 %. By doing it this way countries feel the pressure of reaching this and to not pay a fine given by the eu if the goal haven’t being fulfilled. By putting up goals the contries have a limit on how much they can pollute making it easier to decreas their green house gases. This benefits us since we get cleaner air and contributes to a better health without all of those accses gases in the atmosphere.

One thing is for the industries and homes to use new technology and new invention to get energy. This this would provide energy to viecels, machines, homes etc. One example is wave energy which is a new way of obtaining energy. The energy is obtained by generators placed in the middle and at the top layer of the ocean. The energy provide is mostly used for desalination plants, power plants and water pumps. This method isn’t fully developed and so it is not that

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