Characteristics Of Ocicat

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Vital Stats:
Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Ocicat is from six to 15 pounds

Loving and cheerful Ocicat loves people and follows their feet at home or on their shoulders. Visitors are welcomed by this general social cat as new opportunities for entertaining or lap sessions. The Chicago does not even wake up that they are brought as long as they are yours. Like any animal, they come in different personalities, so some are more shy than others. Favorite activities include taking toys and learning to go on a leash. Exactly, there are brilliant and easy-to-learn tricks. Love toys are a great way to hold and entertain. Carefully remove everything you do not want. He is fully able to learn to open the door or to remove the shutters.
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The short, shiny, satin color has 12 colors, all of which have a dark-shaped cap on a light background. Like the Abyssinian, one of his predecessors, Ocicat is called an agouti shell, which means that each hair has a lot of color bars (with the exception of the tail end). Rooms are being created where colorful bars meet. The range of round spots goes along the backbone, and more spots are scattered around the shoulders and the ends of the back, reaching the legs. Bracelets of legs and broken necklaces are decorated with a neck. Large, rarer spots appear on the sides of the body and the abdomen. The stack looks like horizontal brushes that are "around it, sometimes with a variable patch. Labels around the eyes and cheeks show the appearance of Ocicat as if it were working with a mask tube. The cattle is marked with M (no doubt) and small caps covering the lower throat The Ocicat is a medium sized large body that is still very much in the body, but it does not seem to be the case for Ocicat. Beautiful Ocicats have a modified head-shaped wedge, some Ocicats have a bouquet of feathers that extend vertically from the ear plugs. The large elongated shapes are slightly up and may be any color other than blue. The dark tail has a dark tip.

Children and other pets
The gentle and playful Ocicat is suitable for living with families with children and cats-friendly dogs. He can learn stunts, enjoy interactive toys, and love the attention that he receives from children who respect and respect him. Take care of the kids and show them how to put the cat well. Instead of getting to a cat or wearing it, they sit on the floor and take care of her. Ocicat may predominate over cats of other households and can still manage dogs. Always introduce any pet, even other cats, in a slow and controlled
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