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Octavia Butler demonstrates that being educated is very important for survival then food, shelter, and safety, because an education can give you all of those things. When Lauren had to leave her home she had to depend on herself to survive. She is armed with a lot of information. She knows her city like the back of her hand and most importantly, where water is, and what plants she can eat and not eat. She learned all of this information from reading books from her father’s library. That being said she doesn’t have any access to a larger library, not even the internet, but she is happy for what she has and she uses it wisely. Laurens education also helped her develop a community which can keep each other safe from harm. Unlike the people she…show more content…
One fifteen and one twenty one years old. Their names was Wichita and Little Rock. After half hour they have Columbus and Tallahassee at gun point, Columbus is driving the car. Little Rock yells at Columbus “Pull the car over now!” Tallahassee in the passenger seat grabs the gun from her and points it at Little Rock the tables had turned, but then Wichita draw her gun out pointing at them. She yells “give the gun back to her or I’ll blow your head off” he’s forced to give it back to her. They ask him to pull over, they resist, and they yell pull over and cocks the gun. So he pulls over asks to get out of the car and leave the keys inside. Tallahassee and Columbus couldn’t believe they were getting robbed. Columbus broke his trust no one rule, just to let two crazy psychos take their car from them. The girls manipulated them. Now they are stranded on the highway without a car or a gun. They walk down the highway find a dirt road that had car tracks. They walk down the road to find a house with a nice hummer. They go inside the house of course the door is locked, Tallahassee goes in through the window and opens the door from the inside. They explore the house, they found food and water and the keys to the hummer, and also they found a .12 gauge shotgun. They are excited they found the keys to the hummer, they open the hummer up to find a duffel bag filled with guns and the back of the hummer is filled with guns. They stop at the house to rest for a couple of
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