Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

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Selfless actions, revealing care or concern for someone other than themselves, gains trust amongst strangers. A book written by Octavia Butler titled “Parable of the Sower”, a story where chaos, violence, disease and famine reigns over humankind, the main character Lauren, 18-year-old African-American women with an illness that gives her the ability to feel what others around her feel. After her community was attacked and everyone she had loved and known was gone, Lauren and a couple of friends: Zarah and Harry were forced to travel the dangerous roads north in search of a better life. During her journey in a world, where people are only looking out for themselves and preyed on the weak, Lauren performs selfless acts for people traveling along the road gaining their trust and friendship. For instance, Travis and Natividad, an interracial couple traveling north with their infant son Dominic, Lauren first encountered the couple after helping them fight off coyotes, thieves along the road (202). Lauren, who believed they would benefit if they traveled together extended an invitation for the couple to join them I got…show more content…
Lauren acted quickly shooting the dog and saving the couple's baby Dominic. (209). Travis and Natividad, later that night joined Lauren and her friends camp, thanking her, opening up to the group about their past and sharing their food. The couple knew that they are people they can trust and decided to join them on their journey. Lauren’s selfless actions save the couple's baby, Dominic, along with gaining the Travis and Natividad trust. In a world such in the book, it does not surprise me to see people increasingly guarded about who they surround themselves with and trust, but because of selfless acts showing care and concern for someone other than themselves shows other people that you are
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