Octavian Carson: A Short Story

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Octavian Carson was an intern at Manton 's only animal clinic. The clinic itself was a corner piece of a strip mall that had long since been abandoned. It had a few poster of typical vet stuff and a cat hanging on a rope with the words Hang in there! Which was Octavian personal favorite. Along one of the walls was a bulletin board filled with photos of pets and there owners. Dr.Jones owned the clinic and had been hiring teenagers for the last few years. Octavian swept the waiting room while he hummed a little tune. The slick glass doors swung open as a boy with short messy brown hair entered.He patted Octavian on the shoulder "Hey Baze" Octavian smiled at him. "So i have major problem" he tossed himself in one of the worn waited chairs.…show more content…
Baze saw what looked like the other boy on the bulletin board. He pulled the photo off and flipped to the back of it. Scribbled on the back was his name.It was definitely him although the animal in his arms was questionable. "Clark Murdock was one of them."Baze said in his matter of fact voice. He tossed the photo at Octavian. He flipped open the calander and smiled. "He has an appointment today. His cat is getting a check up." "Thats a cat?" Baze raised an eyebrow placing the picture back on the board. Baze spent his time waiting by reading about dogs and pretending he was narrator in a documentary about Octavian while he worked. Clark walked to the front desk carrying a large cat carrier. He passed it to Dr. Jones and sat down in one of the broken waiting room chairs. Octavian smiled at him. "The cat do that to you ?" Octavian pointed to the cuts and small bruise on his face. "Oh no, i fell."Clark forced a laugh. Baze looked directly at Clark. He squinted at him with his mouth slightly open. "Hey,Clark. You 're good at biology right ? cause like i 'm failing and could really use the help." Baze used his best fake smile , the one Octavian loathed so much. It was just another symbol of how good he was at being fake. "I guess."Clark replied digging his nails into the wooden chair. "So you could tutor…show more content…
Baze thanked him and told him about a place they could study.Clark nodded uncomfortably. Dr. Jones called him into the office. He returned in a few moments but wasn 't holding his cat and he didn 't seem upset. He walked mechanically and reached for the door when Baze place his hand on the door. "Whats up with you 're cat ? " Baze asked "She ate something posionius."Clark shrugged "Oh man that sucks" Baze replied slipping his way between Clark and the door. "I hate that cat." "Oh.. Octavian is off is a little bit so why don 't we do a study group" He leaned against the door sporting a cocky grin. Clark stopped for a moment straighten his spine and rolled his shoulder back. He pursed his lips "If it gets you to stop acting like were friends then yes."Clark stopped Baze before he could interrupt."Baze we are not friends this is literally the first time we 've spoke,i don 't mind helping you but please don 't pretend like we 're friends." Baze agreed and mumbled something about his girlfriend coming too. Clark had a feel deep inside his chest that this was a
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