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“Caesar Augustus rose from near obscurity to become the most powerful man Rome has ever seen, and he became perhaps the single most important figure in Rome’s long history.” (Sizgorich 1) Octavius Caesar, later referred to as Augustus, was arguably one of the more influential and successful emperors of Rome. There is little on record of Octavius Caesar’s early life. (Sizgorich 1) Octavius was born on September 23, 64 BCE in Rome. (Corfield 1) His nursery was located in the suburbs of Velitrac, and he was born under the surname Thurinus to represent where he grew up, which he would grow to dislike, especially when addressed as so by his infamous rival, Mark Antony. (Tranquillus 113) When studying in Dalmatia, Octavius learned he was heir to Rome, and he sought support in Italy to return to Rome with an army of 10,000 men. (Sizgorich 1) Octavius temporarily allied with Mark Antony to eliminate any anti-Caesarian factions. (Sizgorich 1) This alliance was only temporary because Antony soon would become an obstacle for Octavius, and they would spread…show more content…
(Sizgorich 1) Julius Caesar had took an interest in Octavius’s education without Octavius being aware. (Mason 1) In Octavius’s younger years, he had accompanied Julius Caesar on military ventures, and Octavius was honored several military awards from Julius Caesar. (Sizgorich 1) Although Octavius’s mother was apprehensive, Octavius took possession of Caesar’s inheritance. (Tranquillus 115) “Octavius now took the name Gaius Julius Caesar Octaviuanus, or Octavian for short, to emphasize his relationship with Caesar.” (Sizgorich 1) “Under Augustus’s reign, the Roman world grew amazingly rich. Its

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