October Sky Analysis

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Everyone has an endeavour to become extraordinary, consequently many people do not possess the obligatory attributes to accomplish an aim or motive in their lives. In the film “October Sky,” Homer Hickam the protagonist overcame a sequence of calamities along his journey to become a successful rocket fabricating engineer. He clawed his way out of an ‘unenlightened cave’ where coal mining looked to be his only forte. Where there lacked serendipity, there was no surmise for someone as impecunious and inauspicious as him to become successful. Moreover, the two utmost points of discussion, I will address consist of how Homer Hickam defeated adversity in a series of contrasting instances throughout the movie, and the epitome of a dysfunctional father-son…show more content…
For instance, in the film “October Sky,” Homer Hickam had a sequence of hardships he had to face, particularly between his father, John Hickam. The specific quote, “he has no idea what he wants to be. But I know what he is. He’s a menace… and a damn thief” (October Sky, John Hickam) displays his father’s resentment towards Homer’s passion in rocket building. John had explicitly called the rockets “fool things” and threw out all of Homer’s rocket building tools in the pouring rain, saying it’s “right where they belong.” The amount of discouragement and impertinence these actions hold is beyond imaginable. Additionally, when Homer’s father said “I've been mad as hell at you. But it's the first time in your life I've been ashamed of you.” Imperils Homer’s emotional and mental well being a substantial amount. Especially when one knows the odds of becoming successful coming from a town like ‘Coalwood’ is little to slim. In spite of this, Homer managed to be persistent throughout his work, and with indefatigability continued to pursue his dream. When Homer’s rocket got purloined while he was at the ‘national science fair’ his mother defended him by saying “Homer has gotten a lot of help from the people in this town. They've helped him build his rockets. They've watched him fly 'em. But not you. You never showed up, not even once” (October Sky, Elsie Hickam). She had…show more content…
Comparably like Homer my parents haven’t been the most supportive of my career choice in medicine, for instance ever since my years of adolescence my parents had consistently apprised I was soft hearted, and that I wouldn’t be competent to face the emotional or physical pain of others, let alone help treat injuries. As my father has regularly opined “Gurpreet, you shouldn’t be something in medicine because you won’t be able to handle the blood.” This quote has always traveled with me for every assignment I have handed in, and every exam I have taken. It astonishes me how much the support of parents is imperative in being gratified with what you want your career to be. For an example, last year my brother had been in a car mishap where he was hospitalized for a month, when we used to visit him my parents wouldn't allow me to see him. Nevertheless, a broken leg, a neck brace, and an IV did not impede me from coming face to face with my brother. They had thought that I wouldn’t be capable to handle the injuries, when in reality they hadn’t even taken the time and initiative to acknowledge the fact that I was never queasy with blood, or broken bones. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field not because of validation or proving my parents wrong. Moreover because I’ve always wanted to help others and pursue this
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