October Sky Character Analysis

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October Sky

In the Movie/Novel, October Sky a character named Homer Hickam who is 15 years old with brown hair and Virginian Greek accent who lives in Coalwood that faces many obstacles. In the story October Sky, he likes his Mom, Dad (as a person), his teacher named Mrs. Riley and the rocket boys, also in the story he dislikes his dad's reactions, Mr. Turner, Colwood, and Algebra. All these things define who Homer is as person throughout the story,
Some struggles he faces throughout the story is making his father proud, getting out of Coalwood, the rockets and science, scholarship, college. Homer Hickam is a person who had his mind focused on just building rockets, he did not have an interest for coal mining for a living. Homer dropped out of high school because he had trouble with algebra and taught himself trigonometry. Another struggle Homer Hickam had throughout the story was that he was bullied in school for being “stupid” or “dumb”. Another one of his struggles that he faced throughout the story was that no one believed in him especially his dad that wanted to work in the coal mine. So with all of those struggles it gets to him throughout the story.
Also in October Sky, Homer
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In the story Homer found a solution, for example when he got his rocket fixed him by learning trigonometry was hard but he did not allow it control his life. Algebra has been a struggle most of the homer's life so he did not let that stopping him from reaching his dreams for example even though homer still dropped out of high school he still got a huge award for build the ever successful rocket and also finally getting recognition and acceptance by his father all of those things boost homers self esteem . Get acceptance and recognition probably was one of his biggest obstacles throughout the story. In October sky no one believed in him except his teacher Mrs.Teacher Mrs. Riley that is what kept him
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