October Sky Compare And Contrast Essay

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In the movie October Sky there is a wide variety of character and personalities. The movie is about a town where all the men work in a coal mine after high school. The only way people think to make it to college is a sport scholarship, but that's not the case for the rocket boys who earn scholarships for their work with rockets. Although My brother Grant and Homer Hickam are very similar, they also have unique differences.
Homer and my brother Grant have countless similarities. Both, Homer and Grant are very intelligent individuals. Homer excelled not only with the knowledge of rocket science, but the math and physics behind it. Grant also, excelled in math and science. He was three years ahead in math for his grade. As a freshman he was taking Calculus. In spite of them both excelling with math and science, they also had struggles. In elementary school, Grant wasn’t very good at school. He had struggles similar as Homer did with math in High school. Despite having school struggles, they both overcame them and excelled in the classroom.
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Homer’s Dad wasn’t suppurative of just about anything Homer Did. His Dad was already disappointed that he wasn’t great at football like his older brother. Not only that, but he hated that Homer said he wouldn’t work in the coal mine after high school, wanted to try to attend college after school, and loved rocket science. That was the complete opposite with my Dad and Grant. My Dad was always supportive of Grant and his ambitions. He always encouraged Grant to do what he wanted. Also, he supported him going to college after high school and earning a degree of his choice. Another difference is Grant was the first born child. Grant was never being compared to his older sibling like Homer was. Homer was always living in his older brother shadow, which Grant didn’t have. Determined, Homer didn’t let his Dad stop him, he worked hard and was
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