October Sky Themes

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October Sky – Success

October Sky comes around a lot of themes, which still exist in our societies today. The most important themes are probably, dreams, to believe in yourself, and family.

Homer Hickam’s future is planned for him, as his father and almost everyone else in Coalwood, he is going to work in the coal mine, but when Homer sees, the first Russian satellite, Sputnik, in the sky. He gets inspired and want to make his own rocket. Homer starts to try different experiments. Although he didn’t have much support, especially from his dad, who always wanted his sons to become what he was. In Homer’s family of four, Homer has always been the one to blame. His brother and his dad seemed not to have any conflicts or problems of any kind.
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Throughout the movie, Homer has always listened to his dad, but as the days goes by, he becomes more and more his own man. Homer has always loved and respected his dad, and as he says in the quote he isn’t that different from his dad either. Homer dad has some serious problems showing his feelings, but he is still a very good man. As we saw in the movie he sacrifices himself, not once, but twice, to save his friends and colleges. Homer too, isn’t afraid of taking chances, in the movie we have Quentin, the nerd no one wants to sit next to, but Homer don’t care about that anymore, he is hard headed, and goes over to Quentin and sit with him. Homer then finds out that Quintin is cool, and that he knows almost everything about rockets. Quentin then became one of his best friends. Well sitting with the nerd at school isn’t a big a risk, as saving people’s life. That just means that Homer and his dad are the same, on a different way. Homer’s dad, want to be the best in the mine, and properly also want his grandson to work in the mine one day, but he doesn’t realize that it won’t last forever. This is where Homer comes in, he wants to make his dreams come true and is pretty much following “Richard Branson’s top 10 tips for success”. Homer has this dream, which also is his hobby. He is having fun with his team and believe that he can make a different in the world, as he say in the quote, he believes that he got it in him to be somebody in the
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